10 Ways to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

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Writing is the most important and unavoidable part of life! At every stage of life, we need to write either to express ourselves, our emotions or maybe by our profession. As a student, we practice writing essays, letters, advertisements, notices and letters to learn and even pass in our exams! Further in the workplace, one needs to write content for marketing or branding the products, spreading awareness regarding the product. 

Writing has become one of the criteria these days to judge people’s working of writing these days whether it be in any educational or professional arena. Writing broadens an individuals thing and communications aspects. It helps individuals to express their thinking and words out in the platform. It keeps an idle mind working intensively. 

But, each one of us is not a born writer! Writing is much more than expressing oneself. It also includes clear and accurate use of words, spellings and grammatical language. It is not always about long paragraphs, phrases and extensions! Writing needs to be precise i.e. to the point with an accurate amount of words and phrases used to grab the attention of readers in less time. Below listed and explained are some of the ways with which you can improve upon your writing skills quickly.

10 Ways to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

1. Remember! Perfection can not be defined in a first draft

It is very important to keep in mind that perfection only is arrived when an individual keeps writing and as said any form of writing is the best practice. As the famous proverb also says, “ Rome was not built in a day”. It is impossible to be perfect in writing in any form may it be an essay, an article, a letter, advertisement or notice from the very beginning. It always helps an individual when they jot down their ideas in a piece of paper.Writing in fact is said to take a lot of time. Even the best of the writers in the World have said to be taken a lot of time on their material making it the best.
The first draft of any writer is never the perfect one. It takes a lot of time to achieve the perfect one which comes only with practice. One should never stop their thoughts as they will be their road to achieving the best story. So just remember and practice upon that good things come to those who wait and does efforts. 

2. Be thorough with basics

Before starting to start any content on any of the topics you need to be clear about the basics of writings. Basic includes the correct use of spelling, tenses, words, phrases and vocabulary. It doesn’t mean to enroll yourself in prestigious creative writing classes or workshops but just go through famous books that insist and educate upon correct usage of all of these. Essentially check the spellings as spelling mistakes are not entertained in professional writing. It is very important to have a great vocabulary or practice on their vocabulary to achieve the best writing. It will never take an individual anywhere if they just keep on adding words to their writing just for the sake of it. Apart from the poetic form of writing, one should always prefer to be direct and simple. 
Keep the usage of phrases limited keeping in mind the readers time and perspective. Be careful and check twice the punctuation marks. Check Grammar and Punctuation of your Essay

3. Read and read on a regular basis

Books are considered to be man’s best friend as they provide you with ample of knowledge and clarity.  It is often said that the best writers also practice a lot before they reach their perfect form of writing as per their wish. May it be blogs, books, poems, novels try to expand your horizon by reading more advanced kinds of literature every time. Especially pay attention to the content flow, grammatical aspects, the vocabulary used to understand and analyse. Reading often exposes writers to other forms of writing and genres which will be beneficial to them. This practice will help an individual to improve their form of writing and be exposed to different styles. Reading often helps an individual to aspire to be a better weirder and communicator since it helps them to be able to connect their emotion and experience. The practice of learning for individuals interested in this field should not be boring. One can start gradually on topics that interest them to read first. They can start by reading a piece of text multiple times and this will help them to understand the new words and it’s expressions. 

4. Choosing and Drafting the topic

An essay is a composition of written materials which helps an individual to express their emotions towards facts through essays, several analysis and statements. It is essential for you to decide the topic of your essay or writings before you actually begin just to create clarity in your mind. Once you become clear with the purpose of your essay then you can choose the essay topic which can be controversial, argumentative or analytical. 

Before you start writing, try to organize your ideas. It is important to make a draft and write all of them in a logical order through an outline or diagram. An individual using any form of format, it being an outline or diagram wouldn’t really make any change. It is commonly seen that individuals seem to work better when there is a form of diagram given to them. Commonly, it is seen that people like more rigid and logic structure of testing method. The outline for this would not require to be complex. A simple table with an order of a simple format which is comprised with sentences and details about these sections would be perfect for an individual’s mind map. 


5. Research to the core of your topic

It is impossible to write on any topic without much knowledge. Hence it is extremely important to research a lot from authentic sites to write up your content. It makes your write up authentic and even interesting. Research provides you with an abundance of ideas to choose from and even increases your clarity regarding the concept of your write up. A clear and authentic write up or essay is more likely to grab readers attention.

6. Eliminate unnecessary usage of words

Practice preciseness in your write up to keep it short, simple though usable and understandable.There are some type of words which do come up in the writing format but yet don’t seem to contribute much to the style.It is seen that these filler words do lead to contribution to phrases and sometimes meanings to the sentences. But they are never a part of valuable contribution. Eliminating these words would always be a better strategy towards improving writing. Even eliminate the repetitive word or phrase from your essay. Short, less complicated sentences with useful or necessary words are easier to read and understand and receive more appreciation from readers as are less time consumable. Over explanation of words can lead to losing the essence. 

 7. Express your Thoughts confidently

To express yourself clearly, you need a good active vocabulary.One should always know to use words accurately in sentences. They can learn by using the new vocabulary words in proper sentences. After learning these words, they can start gradually by putting them in sentences. Don’t worry about the reaction of the audience. Without any fear of being judged think and freely express your opinions. There should a wide audience available to read the writing so it will help the individual to get a correct critic on their piece. The audience is anyway going to speak some or other comments. Thus you must be confident enough in your own writing when expressing your thoughts as you are writing after a lot of research and efforts. It is very commonly seen that ones persona is always reflected by their method of writing. One should always be true to themselves while writing. They are also free to use the appropriate slangs and words. 

8. Check often and edit your writings with great care

Editing is a tough skill to learn for beginner writers because they place immense value on the time and effort they put into writing in the first place. It is also advised to keep a writing partner as they provide you with a much-needed tool in writing i.e. feedback.It is always important to get a proper feedback on ones writing. This has always helped even accomplished writers to excel in this field. Some good partners cast an eye over your work and spot mistakes that you overlooked. Or else you yourself can check upon your writing keeping in mind the correct usage of words and grammatical aspects and derive on conclusions useful for the next time. If done with checking it is not always necessary for the article to be on point! Humans make mistake and learn from them. It is important to edit your work, make necessary corrections in it. This helps in making a clearer story and focusing on the right errors as well. Even though this whole process of editing seems to be quite boring but the end product is always fruitful. The process of editing makes sure that ones message is delivered very clearly and in a much more precise manner than expected. Editing is just to make sure that there is proper flow and logic in ones content. 

9. Take time and analyse the writings and writers you admire.

It is necessary to take out time and read the writings and the writers creation that admire you. In order to mimic an author's writing style, you should read everything available from that author. Pay attention to their word usage, their grammar, how they develop a story and characters. Then you need to write. Plagiarism and Imitation should not be confused to be the same terms. One should not completely erase their work completely. One should always find out as to what they like doing from their work and venture in that arena. As time goes by, an individual will develop their own style of writing and they can frame their own methodology of writing as they wish to.
Read the writings, you like but don’t be limited that. That’s just as good as sticking your head in the ground. Become acquainted with all types of writing. Be inspired by other literates. Who knows, you may inspire someone else to write along the way. Don’t just read but understand why they are your favourite and then work upon your writings.

10. Don’t delay writing. 

Writing can sometimes be a tiring process. The best way to improve it is always writing their notes in a piece of paper or a computer. One should always be prepared to have various different types of questions on their first draft which will help them get a proper clarity. Practicing multiple times will definitely make an individual perfect. One should go through their text multiple times and proofread read it as well to get a better judgment. But this doesn’t give them the right to make edits for a long duration. There has never been a piece of writing which has been perfect in their first draft.  One should always know what their weaknesses are so that can help them to focus on those issues and make their writing much better. Don’t ever wait for the right time to come! Start now from clearing up your basics to writing creative content time will flow automatically with your evolution.


We hope our short piece of advice can help you grow as a good writer. It’s not as tough as climbing a mountain but as simple as looking at the mountain when you are quite determined. Start from improving upon  the basics to researching, choosing and drafting upon the topic, checking, editing and analysing your write up through effective feedbacks you are too close to becoming a good creative 
writer soon.