10 Easy Ways to Make Your English Writing Flawless

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Learning English writing might be an uphill task for the people as each learner has its own issues in writing English like some people have grammar problem, some people are lacking in vocabulary or some may have spellings error in their writing etc. But we realize these mistakes after we bring the writing for review by some wise person which results in dissatisfaction.

Improve English Wiritng

Well, being dissatisfied is also a good thing because you see a room for improvement but don’t give up. Instead of being disappointed, think that you are believably much better at writing and if people can understand what you mean by just reading what you have written then you are surely at a good level.
To face difficulties in writing English is not a problem with non-native English speakers only. Many native English speakers also face this problem which arises due to the personal negligence towards a piece of writing which we falsely consider as insignificant.
But you can improve your English writing skills in a much shorter time by just following 10 easy ways we are mentioning below.

1. Reading: Read Whenever you Get Time

In my opinion, Reading is the handiest task contributing to developing English writing skills as you can find a number of reading materials everywhere. Read newspaper, magazines, books, brochures, reports or anything in your area of interest and mark or underline the words which you don’t understand. This way, you will enrich your vocabulary. In today’s world of technology, almost everyone has a Smartphone in their pocket and laptop on their desk which brings lots of reading source online, providing the perfect platform for you to broaden your skills.

2. Engage in chat room and forum discussions

The most common mistake, we often make is that whatever we are going to speak or write in English, we think it first in our native language which is a great hindrance that to be discarded. You must think in English whatever you are going to write and the key to forcing you to think in English is to chat with good English speaking people through acquire chatting habits in English chat rooms and forums or any social media like Facebook, Twitter etc which are easily available online. This is very easy and free of cost way to learn new English words and sentences daily.

3. Learn Slang words or phrases

Slang means informal words or phrases used in casual speech. Learning slang words is also important as you come to know colloquialism in different English countries.  How it is important? For example, if a person comes to you and tells you in slang “You’re killin’ it!” then you might be defending yourself that you are not killing anything which actually doesn’t mean that. But these words should not be allowed in Formal English writing as these are not considered as proper grammar.

4. Learn Punctuation from Books

The omission of Punctuation marks can turn the whole sentence is complete nonsense. Punctuation marks have a very important role in giving a sentence to its correct meaning.  You can improve your Punctuation by recursively reading books and make it a habit to write more often. This way you will increase your English writing skills. There is a number of books available in store and online. Buy a one and start practising.

5. Write your own Personal Blog

A blog is a place where you can put your own thought in English making it easier to write without any limitation of word limits, unlike social media. Find a topic in your area of interest and start writing blogs. By doing it so, you will find an entertaining and enjoyable way to improve your English writing skills. Some more tips here, whenever you learn new English word or phrase, try to use it in your blog post and be fearless of being judged by anyone.

6. Create your own dictionary

Creating your own personal dictionary will help you with vocabulary and comprehension along with writing. It is always a good practice to write new words, idiomatic expression, phrase and technical jargons to get it to stick to your mind than having an online or printed dictionary which comes in use on an irregular basis.

7. Learn from tutor

It is always a good practice to get your work reviewed by some wise person. In today’s digital world, you can find any native English speaker tutor online or you may just ask from your acquaintance whose English skills level is high enough to make you proficient in English writing skills and start asking them to help you correct your grammar, style or spelling mistakes twice in a week for advancement of your English skills.

8. Stay focused, Stay humble

It takes great practice to reach the high proficiency level of a skilled English writer. Even the native English speakers face difficulties to become a highly skilled English writer. But that doesn’t mean you cannot reach that level. All it takes an open mind towards critics, they are the one, making you persistently improving your writing skills. The practice is a key to Perfection so never stop practising. Take criticism to a positive constructive level, and keep sharing and review your work from the people more advanced than you.

9. Own a printed personal dictionary & thesaurus

It is not always helpful to use an online dictionary in your mobile or laptop because it distracts you for most of the time by Facebook notifications, Instagram notification etc. Buy a personal printed dictionary also which you can take anywhere along with you. When you start editing or rewriting your work, make sure you have your personal dictionary with you. So instead of searching words in a phone every time and then have your time wasted by any social media, you’d rather be doing your work with great concentration. Your personal dictionary & thesaurus will also become handy when you need to do your work where there is an absence of internet or school or library.

10. Practice from free online resources

Despite having offline or online dictionaries or thesaurus and learning from a tutor, it is also preferable to take advantage of many online resources available to improve your English writing skills on a daily basis.

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