Access vs get access

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Looking on the internet deeply has found these results:

access is the most popular phrase on the web. 

get access

157,500,000 results on the web


15,870,000,000 results on the web

More popular!

Some examples and use cases from the internet:

Some examples and use cases from the internet:

  • It doesn't look like this phrase is very popular! The search could not find any examples on the internet.
  • Refusal of access should also apply to Community anchorages.
  • However, extensive access rights are already granted by ISD2/MIFID.
  • ended.
  • Restrictions on access should not be vague or open
  • If anyone had access to unsecured stockpiles...
  • He discovered the roof access door unlocked.
  • A genius with access to unstable chemicals.
  • Such access should improve information to patients.

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