Affection for you vs Affection towards you

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Affection for you is the most popular phrase on the web. 

Affection towards you

133,800 results on the web

Affection for you

15,890,000 results on the web

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Some examples and use cases from the internet:

Some examples and use cases from the internet:

  • Love is, I guess, an affection towards somebody and it's a feeling that's a pleasant feeling.
  • So all we have to do is redirect her affection toward a more deserving and appropriate target
  • (Nerissa) What warmth is there in your affection towards any of these princely suitors that are already come?
  • I feel affection towards Giovanna, but I'm surrendered.
  • Were you a man, I am sure that Mr. Greeley would welcome whatever affection you felt toward his daughter.
  • With him here... I wouldn't allow myself any sign of affection towards your mother.
  • Only to warning about the man you turn affections towards.
  • The one thing I salvaged from that debacle with Anna is an affection for you.
  • Michael, I have great affection for you.
  • I still have some remaining affection for you, you see.
  • Sophie, please... don't mistake my affection for you for weakness.
  • That's enough affection for you.
  • He has a deep affection for you, Erica Stone... but he is in rebellion against what you represent.
  • And, yes, I am aware that my deep affection for you continues to push me beyond reasonable behavior.
  • Hazel Grace, I hope you realize... that you trying to keep your distance from me in no way lessens my affection for you.

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