Be consistent with vs be consistent to

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be consistent with is the most popular phrase on the web. 

be consistent to

1255,000 results on the web

be consistent with

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Some examples and use cases from the internet:

Some examples and use cases from the internet:

  • If we really define Europe as the Europe of subsidiarity, we must be consistent to some degree at least, and on this I have no reservations at all.
  • The European Union has shown itself to be consistent with regard to the commitments it has undertaken towards the international institutions.
  • Consequently, such measures can scarcely be considered to be consistent with the Treaties.
  • For this reason we try to be consistent, to this principle, leaders must be, an example.
  • It would therefore be consistent to specify a deadline for cadmium, just as the report does in the case of lead.
  • It was also mentioned that it would be consistent to do this in the context of the Lisbon Agenda, and I agree.
  • For these measures to be successful, they need to be consistent and to take into account the differences in conditions between particular countries.
  • As a minimum, the implementation of all related provisions and the subsequent supervision by the competent authorities must be consistent to avoid any undue burden on affected institutions.
  • The plan shall be consistent with other EC legislative and policy instruments.
  • These scores should be consistent with the respective assessments under the liquidity joint decision.
  • Intermediate consumption has to be consistent with output.
  • Change needed in order to be consistent with the change of legal base.
  • And they must be consistent with similar measures already taken.
  • The load conditions considered shall be consistent with those defined in clause of this TSI.
  • To be consistent with the entire proposal.
  • New Community legislation has to be consistent with the achievement of the targets set in Directive 2001/77/EC.

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