Crave for vs crave of

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crave for is the most popular phrase on the web. 

crave of

14,250 results on the web

crave for

1625,000 results on the web

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Some examples and use cases from the internet:

Some examples and use cases from the internet:

  • Crave of KC Food Truck in Kansas City features scratch made menu including Carnitas, Chicken, & Fish Tacos, and Loaded Nachos. Crave of KC puts their own†...
  • Crave of KC Food Truck shared City of Lenexa, Kansas Government's photo. September 16 at 2:40pm ∑. Don't miss this one!! City of Lenexa, Kansas†...
  • @CraveOfKCTruck. Crave of KC Food Truck is one of the elite food trucks to hit the scene in Kansas City. Be sure to follow us to see where we will be each day!
  • Crave of Kansas City. Shawnee, KS. Hire / Request ∑ Suggest a Location. Type of Food: Mexican, Tacos, Seafood. Type of Vendor: Food Truck†...
  • I direct that the Tabernacle erase from us all memories of its construction, so we can never destroy it if we should ever crave for death.
  • Many architects seemed to think that when you design, you design a jewel, and it's a jewel that you try and crave for.
  • We must show the way forward to be the best possible way of achieving the peace and stability we all crave for in that region of Europe.
  • I wonder what the ghost craves for.
  • If you crave for Florence's food, that's a weird craving.
  • The only other work she craves for is...
  • And if I no longer crave for such clamor?
  • If one craves for something for a year, the wife gets it.

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