Decanting vs decantation

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Some examples and use cases from the internet:

Some examples and use cases from the internet:

  • Transfer by decantation the saponification solution quantitatively by rinsing with a total volume of 250 ml water to a 1000 ml separating funnel (4.2.3) or to the extraction apparatus (4.8).
  • Raw materials shall be rendered by heat, pressure or other appropriate method, followed by separation of the fat by decantation, centrifugation, filtration or other appropriate method.
  • No solvents are used and, once pressed, the oil is held in decantation tanks and a filtration process employed to remove impurities.
  • decantation within the normal time limits,
  • octanol should not be allowed to fall directly into the water.
  • octanol directly into the flask should always be avoided; drops of 1
  • The decantation of 1
  • Filter the solution under vacuum by decantation.
  • packing, unpacking, change of packing, decanting and simple transfer into containers, even if this results in a different eight
  • It is produced in hives with moveable panels and is obtained by decanting or centrifuging.
  • Ageing (maturing) and siphoning (decanting)
  • this is repeated as necessary to prevent unwanted processes from taking place in the lees (yeast autolysis).
  • digit CN code, affixing, removal and altering of marks, seals, labels, price tags or other similar distinguishing signs;
  • Remove the insolubles by filtering, decanting or centrifuging the liquid.
  • The centrifugation, decanting, replacing process may be repeated several times.
  • Sedimentation, decanting, screw and belt presses to remove collected solids in wet abatement systems

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