I have interviewed vs I had interviewed

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I have interviewed is the most popular phrase on the web. 

I had interviewed

1238,000 results on the web

I have interviewed

1442,000 results on the web

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Some examples and use cases from the internet:

Some examples and use cases from the internet:

  • The activists I interviewed had nothing in common, literally, except for one thing, which was that they all cited their mothers as their most looming and important activist influences.
  • My partner and I had interviewed Kevin Neyers' in
  • I wish you had interviewed some of my more successful Cheerios!
  • I was on a cruise in the Nile River and there were 33 Brazilians on this cruise with my wife and I, and I told one of them that I had interviewed Ayrton Senna a 100 times.
  • laws,
  • I had to be interviewed by Ml5 and everything.
  • I had interviewed with him last week, and I just wanted to follow up and see if he had any photo jobs or help with anything.
  • Higgins had said his colleagues had interviewed her, but that's not what interested me.
  • He might have interviewed for a job.
  • Well, see, I should have interviewed with you to get the real scoop on this place.
  • I have interviewed the prison board and psychiatrist, Reingold... ...and with Warden Dwight McClusky, and I tell you, they iook bad.
  • Everyone we have interviewed is capable in the right circumstances.
  • I wish I could have interviewed him.
  • And I have tracked down and interviewed... every one of the few witnesses of his crimes who are still alive.
  • Perhaps if I could have interviewed La Perichole. She at least was in some way associated with all of the victims.
  • Because I have interviewed enough victims to know when to back off.

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