I have noted vs I had noted

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I have noted is the most popular phrase on the web. 

I had noted

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I have noted

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Some examples and use cases from the internet:

Some examples and use cases from the internet:

  • When I said earlier that you were at the sitting, I meant you were free to vote or not to vote, and that I had noted your presence.
  • That mistake was very likely to be revealed, particularly if the coastguards had noted his presence.
  • The Khitomer commander had noted that Mogh was acting suspiciously.
  • Alexander Stubb's seat and had noted the appointment of
  • The President had noted that there were no objections to the proposed adjustments.
  • In Helsinki, the two parties had noted their strong common interest and interdependence in the field of energy.
  • At its sitting of 16.06.2008, Parliament had noted the request by
  • Experts and observers had noted that, in conjunction with the system of incentives to reduce polluting gas emissions, the sharp rise in fuel prices was serving to stimulate investment in clean energy.
  • It is with a certain degree of concern that I have noted this high percentage.
  • Finally, I have noted the growing importance attached by Parliament to zero
  • I have noted that the report calls for extra guarantees on this last possibility of direct access.
  • I have noted the member's comment.
  • based budgeting.
  • I have noted Parliament's support for this idea.
  • Mr Cappato, I have noted your comments.
  • I have noted what Mr Fabra Vallés has said.

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