On a paper basis vs in a paper basis

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on a paper basis is the most popular phrase on the web. 

in a paper basis

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on a paper basis

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Some examples and use cases from the internet:

Some examples and use cases from the internet:

  • IS model of the vacuum manufacturer revealed that in the company it was done in a paper basis. This involved a large number of drawings ...
  • INFO and...
  • Focusing on the first scenario, it was decided to implement the release process in PLM because the AS
  • INFO form. Both EPI
  • Jul 16, 2010 ... methodology, based in exit
  • interviews, was used to analysis access, perceived quality and satisfactions of services. Quantitative data were collected in a paper basis and later introduced in a EPI
  • ... following the approval of a fast track voluntary arrangement (form ANNULFTVA ), the courts have agreed that the application may be dealt with on a paper basis with no requirement on the official receiver to attend the court hearing [Note 12].
  • using country, exchange on a gold standard...
  • Jun 1, 2004 ... o Fewer and fewer transactions are cleared on a paper basis. And virtually no high
  • value transactions are paper
  • foreign (gold) exchange as a certain indication of gold premium and paper depreciation. True, Germany, like most of the warring countries, is on a paper basis. Under ordinary conditions, in a paper
  • assessed on a paper basis and the vast majority would be placed straight into the . Support Group. The information required would be evidence provided by the individual's consultant, GP or if appropriate their specialist cancer nurse.
  • based. o There is less and less human oversight of computers which clear transactions. That is, such operations...

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