Letting me know vs informing me

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letting me know is the most popular phrase on the web. 

informing me

1504,000 results on the web

letting me know

111,700,000 results on the web

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Some examples and use cases from the internet:

Some examples and use cases from the internet:

  • Would you do me the honor of informing me how you do remember it, so I can be filled in on what's going on?
  • Mr Staes, thank you for informing me that you received the documents last night. I can only ask Mr Caudron to check his mail.
  • Well, as I recall, I was awaiting your visit when I received a letter informing me that you were unavailable.
  • And at 7:00, I got a call back informing me that not only had my petition been denied, but that you were to be released today...
  • I've just received a call informing me that Jericho's been added to the route.
  • This was a letter posted yesterday by the General Secretary of the Labour Party informing me that I had been suspended from my party.
  • I received a telegram from Hermann Goering, informing me that he had made me a Privy councilor wasn't given the opportunity, or either accept or refuse.
  • and why did I get a call informing me that you were on drugs?
  • You can't be interrogating one of my students without letting me know.
  • Thanks for letting me know you moved, mom.
  • Didn't waste any time letting me know they weren't real happy about it.
  • His way of letting me know he'd leave a message.
  • How could you unplug him without letting me know?
  • And he isn't shy about letting me know it.
  • Just his way of letting me know that I was meant to be a blues man.
  • You mind letting me know if he knows anything?

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