Remind you of vs Remind you about

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Looking on the internet deeply has found these results:

Remind you of is the most popular phrase on the web. 

Remind you about

16,110,000 results on the web

Remind you of

135,700,000 results on the web

More popular!

Some examples and use cases from the internet:

Some examples and use cases from the internet:

  • Need I remind you about the conference room last week.
  • up tomorrow.
  • Thought I'd just remind you about the resident clean
  • Let me remind you about Flora Brovina, the doctor who did nothing more than respect her professional ethics as a doctor, by helping people regardless of their nationality.
  • do.
  • You killed my brother Pyotr, and I don't remind you about it.
  • Well, let me remind you about your plan.
  • Check the Reminder box if & korganizer; should remind you about the to
  • Remind you of couple other brothers?
  • Allow me to remind you of the norms of etiquette.
  • Maybe other people's happiness remind you of what you're missing.
  • Miss Carmela told me to remind you of your appointment.
  • I would like to remind you of a figure produced by your own services.
  • 'Remind you of anyone, Mary?
  • I tonight would remind you of your words.
  • Remind you of the promises you made?

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