State institutions vs state-owned institutions

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state institutions is the most popular phrase on the web. 

state-owned institutions

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state institutions

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Some examples and use cases from the internet:

Some examples and use cases from the internet:

  • owned financial institutions.
  • The Housing Financing Fund is an independent State
  • owned institutions, the threshold for a nuclear war of destruction has been lowered.
  • TIB is a state
  • owned institution subject to a separate board of directors within the administrative purview of the Minister of Social Affairs (cf. Article 4 of the Housing Act).
  • With the exception of certain state
  • On account of this combination of commercially
  • minded nuclear experts, immoral businesses and state
  • Even the recent teachers' strike is toothless without responsive state institutions.
  • The increasing number of children, who are growing up in state institutions, is particularly disturbing.
  • Our infrastructure was almost totally destroyed, our communities devastated and our state institutions crippled.
  • For these reasons we are deeply concerned that the talks started in 2002 between your special envoys and the Chinese state institutions have achieved no results yet.
  • That sum includes funding to help the National Transitional Council to build up state institutions.
  • One example of particular concern is the continued and systematic use of 'caged beds' as a form of restraint in state institutions.
  • The crisis is fuelled by weaknesses in the interinstitutional equilibrium and how state institutions function.
  • Dysfunctional state institutions and the worsening economy have caused civil disquiet and protests.

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