Your availability on the two days vs your availability for the two days

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your availability on the two days is the most popular phrase on the web. 

your availability for the two days

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your availability on the two days

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Some examples and use cases from the internet:

Some examples and use cases from the internet:

  • Ladies and gentlemen, I can truly say that the climate in which discussions took place genuinely matched the climatic conditions that prevailed in Biarritz for the two days we were there.
  • Almost every speaker here has discussed Greece
  • I'm calling to check your availability for a meeting tomorrow at the FSA.
  • Have you seen the finalised itinerary for the two days?
  • day viewing.
  • There's a caterer that will do the spread for the two
  • You owe me $58 for the two days I won't be staying.
  • Just email me your availability for April, okay?
  • However, that bridge value was based on the two prior value assessments.
  • According to complaints, the police used excessive force on the two days in question, and took disproportionately harsh measures not only against the demonstrators but against young people, including several foreign nationals, who were on the streets.
  • The Italian authorities have provided some information on the two helicopters referred to in the second initiating decision.
  • The Commission takes note of the judgments on the two Ministries.
  • Mr President, I shall briefly touch on the two topics.
  • On 25 May the Council consulted the European Parliament on the two Commission proposals.
  • The Commission has the intention to take a definitive position on the two cases mentioned before the Summer break.
  • Reports on the two prisoners' health are alarming.

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