I inform you that vs let me inform that

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I inform you that is the most popular phrase on the web. 

let me inform that

114,100 results on the web

I inform you that

13,560,000 results on the web

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Some examples and use cases from the internet:

Some examples and use cases from the internet:

  • Among other issues, let me inform you that the European Council is expected to appoint Mario Draghi as the next Governor of the European Central Bank on whom this house takes a vote.
  • In view of this, let me inform you that the Commission, through the ECHO DG, has just received a further EUR 30 million from the emergency reserve.
  • Let me inform you that withholding knowledge of the whereabouts of a known fugitive is a federal offense.
  • Let me inform you that today, at 11.45, Ukrainian Prime Minister Timoshenko rejected Slovakia's request to renew natural gas deliveries, explaining that: 'Ukraine does not have enough gas, we do not have our own reserves and neither will you'.
  • minded to notice such things... let me inform you... my legs are perfect.
  • If anyone is monitoring the intercom, let me inform you that we have the right to check the premises for flammables.
  • And in case you're too serious
  • In this respect, let me inform you that OPEC has committed to help to stabilise the international oil market and to contribute to bringing oil prices back to sustainable levels.
  • Mr. President, I inform you that any the sector is completely evacuated.
  • I inform you that I have paid the amount of Fr. 30.
  • on the CCP 23
  • Finally, I inform you that I have appointed another well deserving Archbishop as Cardinal, reserving his name "in pectore".
  • Miss Hlavacova, I inform you that since half past eleven,
  • I inform you that we have won.
  • I inform you that the weekend 31 January/ February 1, organized in collaboration with Artium (and their local), Lomographic weekend (two more workshops and a conference call the meeting point, all under the leadership of Pasquale Caprile).
  • The part where I inform you that, last night, Someone murdered a partially clothed animal And threw a human corpse out a window.

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