Remind vs remind you that

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remind is the most popular phrase on the web. 

remind you that

126,900,000 results on the web


1156,000,000 results on the web

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Some examples and use cases from the internet:

Some examples and use cases from the internet:

  • May I remind you that a King is wise and just.
  • Hetty wanted me to remind you that this is an old building.
  • I just wanted to remind you that my birthday is this Saturday.
  • And let me remind you that you're here as a courtesy.
  • I might for example remind you that we still have considerable outstanding commitments amounting to billions in Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean.
  • Let me remind you that I'm the paramedic
  • Mrs Barrie wanted me to remind you that the play's begun.
  • I would remind you that this was not the case.
  • I thought I'd better remind myself what it feels like.
  • Ruth Teague is unlikely to remind one of a previous attachment.
  • This lasagna was supposed to remind our friends of the time we spent together in Bayonne...
  • Einar felt he had to remind people of how serious it was.
  • Let me remind Commissioner Bangemann of Parliament's position.
  • But... you do remind one of Jean Arthur.
  • Just remind America why they love you.
  • I needed to remind myself of who you once were.

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